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Company Name Educational Publisher
Location N/A, **
Date Posted 09, Thursday 2012
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Hourly Rate


Short Description:

Freelance Math Writers

Duties and Responsibilities:

a leading provider of full-service editorial, design and production services for educational publishing, is seeking freelance math writers to work on an elementary Math program for 4 to 6 Grade students. The project will begin immediately and will last approximately 16 weeks. Writers will

--follow guidelines to make an adaptation of an existing Math program, Teacher´s Manual (sample pages available upon request).
--have knowledge of math curriculum and instruction at elementary grade levels
--write clearly and accurately using grammatically correct English
--deliver quality materials in a timely manner

Required Experience:

--Math teaching experience in Grades 4-6
--Previous experience as a freelance writer is preferred

To be discussed

How To Apply

Interested candidates should send a current resume, a sample of their math writing skills, and a cover letter describing relevant qualifications. Email all files.
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