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Company Name CopyPress
Location Telecommute, **
Date Posted 02, Monday 2014
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Word Based


CopyPress is looking for freelance writers who can create consumer-focused travel articles and overviews of travel destinations and accommodations.

Selected writers will be added to our roster of working writers and offered projects for our ongoing travel writing campaigns. High-level writers who continually provide awesome articles (that require little editing) will be offered consistent projects.

Pay rates for assignments will range from $.04-.12/word. Selected writers will be offered projects that are bundles of copy related to a specific location. (i.e. One project may include 4 articles on Denver — Hotel Review, Airport Review, Location Overview, Neighborhood Review.)

Responsibilities/Job Duties:

- research cities, regions, and countries so that you can write as though you are a local
- construct clear, compelling content that helps readers make travel-related decisions
- mimic specific brand voices and tones
- thoroughly follow style guide requirements to accomplish editorial objectives
- incorporate feedback from clients, editors, and project managers when editorial objectives are missed
- deliver polished final drafts that are ready to go directly to the client

How To Apply

CopyPress is accepting applications from all Certified Travel Copy Writers. To apply, Get Certified to be a Travel Copy Writer ( and complete the w
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