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Company Name Barnes & Noble
Location NY, **
Date Posted 12, Thursday 2014
Category Blogger
Listing Type Hourly Rate


Quiz: Should You Work For This Amazing Book Blog? (Fill out this questionnaire and send it to us to find out!)

1. What’s the last book you wanted to throw across a room, and why? ________________________________________________________________________
2. Have you ever wanted to date a character in a book? Who? ________________________________________________________________________
3. What is one book you think everyone should read? Why? ________________________________________________________________________
4. Do you have experience blogging/writing for the web? What? ________________________________________________________________________
5. Are you able to come up with your own ideas on the fly? Yes/No
6. Okay, then. Quick! Come up with a great post or series idea for a book-centric blog! ________________________________________________________________________
7. Are you able to consistently write clean, factually correct copy on deadline? Yes/No

About the gig: We’re a group of readers, writers, and laughers who think that the only thing more enjoyable than reading books is writing about them. Contributors must write a minimum of one post per week. We feature a variety of posts:
• Roundups of books that share some hilarious, unique, or random commonality (Books to make you cry for days, books to read if you love Disney’s FROZEN)
• Roundups of characters (Bad girls of historical fiction, the best pets in literature)
• Quizzes (Who is your literary boyfriend?)
• Funny lists (99 Book problems, acceptable reasons to break up with a book)
• Creative posts we haven’t even thought of yet (We love pitches!)

How To Apply

Email [email protected] if you’re interested and we’ll tell you more. (WE PAY.)
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