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Company Name Earth Aid
Location Anywhere, **
Date Posted 06, Tuesday 2011
Category Blogger
Listing Type Per Post Fee


Come help us launch a new blog devoted to empowering people to save money while living an energy-efficient lifestyle. The blog will cover a wide range of topics including alternative energy, home energy consumption and how to save money. We are looking for a talented writer/blogger to contribute to our growing community and has experience in energy/green/sustainability. He/She will be responsible for creating, aggregating, publishing and managing content geared toward energy efficiency.

• Research, write and prepare weekly editorial content according to the content calendar and brand guidelines
• Publish content (blogs, photos, videos, interviews, contests, etc.) on a regular basis. Just how regular is up to you.

• Prefer two (2) years experience at a social media agency, online magazine or well-known blog
• Candidate must have STRONG writing skills; blogging experience is a must.
• Negotiable

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