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Company Name R.DietY
Location Online, **
Date Posted 19, Sunday 2014
Category Blogger
Listing Type Monthly Rate


I am looking for a food and nutrition blog writer, developer and manager, for our weight loss diet website. We are dietitians who develop healthy weight loss and healthy weight maintenance diet plans and we have very limited time to blog.

Please review the following preferred qualifications: (not all of them need to be met)

1. Hold nutrition related credentials.
2. Have access to PROFESSIONAL (not cheesy) photos that relate to your blogging. These photos can be professionally self taken or be from a royalty free website. (food photography is very difficult, if you have examples of your work I would like to see them)
3. Able to create professional video tutorials to be put on youtube.
3. Efficient writer.
4. Effective communicator
5. Have impecable grammar and spelling.
6. Understand the blog format and be able to create fun, easy to read, informative blog posts,
7. Create blogs that will generate traffic to the website.
8. Understand or be willing to learn SEO for the blog. (I can provide the guidelines)
9. Have experience blogging or run a blog.

I am looking for that person who will find this job easy and fun. I will give guidance to the types of things that are appropriate for the blog and website, but I do not wan't to be too involved with your work. I need you to take ownership of the blog, make it your own and love what you create.

I may also feel that a topic needs to be addressed, in these instances I would like to be able to talk to you about that topic, and the reasons why I feel it needs to be up on the site, then have you develop the post.

I would like to see 1 short fun blog a week, and 1 more serious informational longer (150-250 words) blog a month. I would like to trial the most qualified candidate for the first month, and if you produce what I am looking for, then I would like to give you access to the blog and have you work away at your leisure.

I am willing to start payment at $190 a month. $70 for the longer post and $30 each for the shorter posts. (A good nutrition blogger with access to quality pictures would be able to get this done in 5 hours tops)

If traffic increases to the site/your posts, the monthly payment will also increase.

How To Apply

Email me your interest, at [email protected] and briefly answer the following questions

Please be willing to share how you plan on getting pictures (attach a few if you have them)

Please elaborate on if you think this job will be fun, and easy.

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