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Company Name Online Publication
Location Seattle, **
Date Posted 28, Friday 2012
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Monthly Rate


Looking for a good, versatile, and dedicated writer that can wear more than ONE hat and write for several online publications and manage them. Our company has dominated the design industry on the internet since 1989, and we are in the process of selling off several of our dot com enterprises to dedicate our time to the CEO's love, magazines. In other words, were getting into the magazine business online.

We have several online publications that we have owned since the early 90's, that have basically been sitting online by themselves displaying press from the AP. Many are getting 1000's of hits daily. The story feed is just being piped in and displayed on our sites. I have two or three OK writers and one Good writer but the OK ones don't really write good enough to warrant a story being published and the good one specializes only in legal.

What I need is for each of these magazines to have at least TWO featured stories published on EACH of the FIVE magazines TWICE a month.

You can write about anything, but I cannot even tell you the kinds of stories people have submitted to me for publication. Here are some examples: "Hat look good on cat and then play" too "Santa maybe could be good if stayed". I think you get the idea.

Here are examples of the type of writing I need:

http://www. siliconvalleyreporter. com/silicon-valley-news/mobile-tech/push-to-4g-taking-lives-frontline-reports/
http://www. northwestmagazine. com/local-news/seattle/its-all-in-the-domain-name-internet-pioneer-phil-fischer-reveals/
http://www. northwestmagazine. com/local-news/seattle/arlington-based-moose-creek-bbq-cleans-up-the-competition/
http://www. sharkmagazine. com/shark-news-stories/restaurants-ignore-shark-fin-laws-despite-eco-system-damage/

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