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Company Name Page Turner Press
Location Anywhere, **
Date Posted 24, Tuesday 2013
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Per Post Fee


**note this is a book job, we are looking for authors

Hi there!

We are a newly created publishing house who has just found our niche: sharing amazing stories with the world. We have had a number of best sellers but our most widely acclaimed book so far is an amazing story of child abuse and survival. It makes a couple thousand per month, and the author receives a very high commission.

Sharing stories like this make us excited and it is our passion.

Topics of stories we are interested in publishing (all have to be real stories that YOU have experienced in your life):
Child Abuse
Sex Abuse
Severe Drug/Substance Abuse
Poverty to success (rags to riches story)
Other inspirational stories
War Stories
Stories involving surviving violence of some kind
True Crime
Wilderness Survival Stories
Any story of extreme tragedy
any other story as long as it is either riveting, inspiring, tragic, or extraordinary in some way

Because of the sales splits and the fact that you will get complete credit as the author of this book, this is not only an interesting job but also a highly lucrative and rewarding opportunity for the right person.

Why the heck would you want to publish with us?

-Because we know what an author needs-control over the content of their book, title, what goes on the cover and all aspects, support and holding their hand throughout the whole process, high royalties, and assurance that their publisher not only cares about their book but they have the ability to market it as well. Fortunately, we meet all those requirements.
-Because the numbers of authors are multiplying like crazy, and the numbers of publishers are not increasing at nearly a high enough rate to satisfy the demands for a publisher. There will always be people out there who want to get published but wont be able to find a publisher that meets their needs.
-We are very flexible on deadlines. With deadlines ranging from 3 months, to even up to 9 months, we understanding life gets hectic and things can get in the way. We dont like to rush perfection.
-Even though we have a very low advance or upfront pay, we give THE highest royalty rates out of any publisher out there. Guaranteed.
-Of course, like any other publisher, we take care of everything for you. All you gotta do is write. Wel take care of the rest.
-We are very fun to work with :)


The upfront payment will be $200. The manuscript length is usually around 100-125 pages, but it may be more or less give or take. You will receive up to 50% of sales (depending on the situation). This might not seem like much, but you can end making a nice passive income for life with just one book.

We usually reject over most author proposals even at this price level. Note that might not be the case with this We are very careful who we choose to work with as we have found what types of books can be successful and which ones wont. If we do choose you, you can be assured that we fully believe in your story and will stand behind it to the end.

-Fluent in english and excellent english writing skills, you have to be an excellent writer
-Ok with the budget.
-Must be reliable and hardworking
-Must be easy and fun to work with
-Preferably someone in the US, Canada, Britain, Australia or any other English speaking country

Some benefits to consider:
-We have published three amazon best sellers and we will get this book to sell and sell a lot (book titles available upon request). One is currently selling almost a thousand copies this month so far (you do the math).
-your name, picture and any other info you want will be included on the book. You will credited as the sole author and your writing career will take off with us promoting you as a published author.
-We are really fun to work with and will always be on call to answer your questions, help with something, etc.
-Sales Splits, you will eventually end up making much more money down the road
-Extremely flexible deadlines
-You have a lot of freedom flexibility over what to include in the book
-Chance of future partnership with even more lucrative projects
-This is going to be a fun and interesting project!

How To Apply

To apply:

Email us at: [email protected]
-Explain your writing experience and why you are a good candidate to write on the topic(s)
-Tell us about YOUR amazing story and why the world needs to hear about it
-Submit a writing sample
Apply for this position now!
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