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Company Name Noah Laith
Location Anywhere, Netherlands
Date Posted 12, Friday 2012
Category Blogger
Listing Type Per Post Fee


Hi !

I am looking for four (4) very Active Writers with the following requirements below. I love writing and speaking about health and personal development, it is truly my passion.

Niche: Fitness, Health, raw-Vegan, Entrepreneurship and Psychology (two or more with each)

Communication: Must be willing to communicate constantly since this is a ghost writing job (Skype). This way, after several weeks of communication. The writer can write articles like me without a lot of editing.

Articles to write:
• Creative and Unique health tips, fitness program and Informative Nutrition and Diet program.
• Wellness of the mind and body.
• Informative and Educational topics.

Blogs/Contents/Should have the following key components:
• Interesting Topic
• Catchy Headlines
• Clear Objectives
Instruct – Be clear, specific and concise. Readers enjoy writing that is conversational, without being wordy.

Inform – Be up to date and keep up with the latest. Be a good resource to your readers. What are his needs, wants, hopes and dreams? What problems does he have in his daily life that you can solve?

Entertain – Be interesting and not boring. Make your reader smile.

How To Apply

Hiring Process:
1.) Response to this job posting (email) - Please submit your CV/Resume (you may delete your private information like address and contact number). We just want to know your experience and educational background.
2.) 1-2 blog test
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