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Company Name Confidential
Location San Francisco, **
Date Posted 10, Wednesday 2013
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Hourly Rate


Search historical documents we provide for specific topics/subjects we define. We will provide the documents and a "Desktop search" type application. Job involves research and brief summary writing.

- live in the Bay Area (within 20 miles of San Francisco)
- Windows PC (research application software requires Windows OS) with at least 50 GB of free drive space.
- strong research / search engine skills
- concise writing skills

to apply, please provide the following:
1. brief writing sample (please provide as PDF, inline text, or online document)
2. number of hours you're currently working per week. also, number of hours you are available to work per week.
3. brief technical details about your computer (CPU speed, memory, OS, etc.)
4. brief summary of work experience / background (or resume).
5. your location (city)
6. examples of search keywords would use in Google to find articles about the health impact of smoking
7. minimum acceptable hourly rate

How To Apply

See above.
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