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Company Name Guardian Liberty Voice
Location Las Vegas, **
Date Posted 05, Sunday 2014
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Per Post Fee


The Las Vegas Guardian Liberty Voice is one of the fastest growing news companies in the world. In a little over a year the Liberty Voice is already ranked at number 86 out of roughly 48,000 news companies worldwide. We are now one of the main contributors to US Google News. Our number of unique readers and visitors are rising fast and we are now at 7+ million monthly active visits.

If you have great writing skills, great English, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, we want you to work for us.

Successful applicants will undergo 2 or more weeks of intensive boot-camp-style training to be taught how to write viral news articles to have your work read by millions of people. This training is now being provided FREE to successful writing candidates for a limited time only. Passing the final in training will allow writers to become certified writers, journalists, and correspondents with the Guardian Liberty Voice news and from the state of Nevada.

As long as your articles are being read, you will be making money. Our owners don't get rich off the writer's ad revenue like some other big media corporations. Instead, they appreciate a writer's hard work and recognize them by splitting significant revenue generated from ads displayed on the same page as their articles.

The Guardian Liberty Voice is looking for great writers that deserve to be read. The level of participation (articles written per month) is up to each successfully individual certified writer, and there is no limit to the amount of articles you can submit.

If you love to write and are told by others that you write well, this may be the job you've been waiting for all of your life. There is something very exciting about seeing an article that YOU wrote posted in that number one spot on Google News, or being shared by your friends on your Facebook news feed, maybe even retweeted on Twitter. It's an excitement that is challenging and addicting at the same time for many writers. Those writers make a very comfortable living doing what they love to do, write.

In addition to writing, there are still some upper level positions within the company available as well, and we are planning on filling them soon. Grab your opportunity while it IS still available.

Seats in our training boot camp are also limited, but we still have a few spots in January left open. Those seats will fill up soon so don't pass up this opportunity and apply now!

To start to become a certified writer with us, please fill out the online application and provide us with an example of your work.

Thank you in advance and good luck!

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