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Company Name Confidential
Location Telecommute, **
Date Posted 17, Monday 2014
Category Blogger
Listing Type Per Post Fee


Not your standard "writers wanted" post. We’re looking for internet culture savvy writers (with strong technical skills) to write for our 14 sites across a growing network. (**Apologies, we cannot hire outside the US at this time.**)

If you’ve tried to break into writing online, you know that there are generally higher rates available with very little work to do, or lower rates offered with a lot of competition for work. Neither provides a steady flow of income in place of regular work.

We’re changing the content market, and we have some spots available for people looking to get into writing or simply make a bit of money on the side from home. Unlike most writing opportunities, we’re not a content farm. You choose your topics and write, we pay you a set rate.

Here’s what we offer:

* **Constant volume**, no fighting over arcane topics. Write what’s topical, interesting, and fun. Reddit is a great source for leads. We promise you will never have to compete for work.

* **Decent pay**. Most of our writers can complete two posts an hour, which works out to $10 hourly to start. (We pay $5 per post.) Better than an office, and you don’t have to wear pants.

* **Experience**. If you’re a good writer and between jobs, your work with us is a great resume highlight for career growth. You can use your real name, or a pen name, but be prepared to share on social sites with your pen name, please. Real name bylines are preferable.

* **Weekly payments**. No more waiting for a cash out limit. Get paid on Thursdays, automagically.
* **Flexibility**. We have weekly quotas based on your availability, but you can write around classes, kids, or volunteer firefighting.

* **Work that’s fun**. Let’s face it, you’re on Reddit because you like to jibber jabber about current events. We’ll pay you to do that!

Here’s what we need:

* **Writing ability**. Not to be Captain Obvious, but you should be capable of writing a post of a minimum of 200 words based on breaking news or viral news. If you write long posts with no difficulty here, great, you’re our guy. If expressing yourself in the written word ain’t your bag, baby, this work will be like pulling teeth for you. (And our editors.)

* **Wordpress skills**. We don’t need you to build a theme. We do need you to be able to post and edit from the Wordpress panel. This is important.

* **A grasp of online publishing standards**. Polished content. Clear pictures. A consistent narrative from start to finish. An ability to write news in a readable, flowing way.

* **Internet people**. We’re not writing “how to fly fish” or “10 ways to check your tires” articles. Our ideal candidate is really into news (general or specifically, like tech) and will enjoy doing quick write-ups of stuff as it happens.

Interested? Awesome. Here’s what we need from you:

* **A quick email**. Tell us about you, your experience (we don’t need a resume, people who can’t write well often have nice resumes), and your interest in writing.

* **Writing samples**. Don’t get too hung up on this one. Published links are great, but feel free to work up one or two quick news posts if you don’t have any handy. Anything you think shows off your writing skill is fine.

* **Eventually, a quick test post**. If you’re a good fit, we will give you a topic to quickly write up and see if it’s comfortable and easy for you. We won’t publish it, we just want to make sure the quick turnaround is something you can do.

* **General hiring information**. Name, contact info, etc. We’ll send info over if you’re a good match.

To reach us, send your email and samples to [email protected] Thanks!

(**US writers only, please! Sorry.**)

How To Apply

Please send an email and any relevant writing samples to [email protected]
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