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Company Name Den of Geek
Location Telecommute, **
Date Posted 20, Thursday 2012
Category Blogger
Listing Type Per Post Fee

Description is looking for one or two people to play through PC games, primarily new/upcoming games, participate in beta testing and write detailed, knowledgeable, in depth reviews for our website.
We need gamers who meet the following criteria:
-Must have a dedicated gaming pc that can run the highest quality games on maximum settings;
-Must be able to record your gaming via FRAPS or other software and upload/email videos;
-Must be able to concisely express their opinions about the game using certain criteria;
-Must LOVE gaming;
-Must be fairly reachable and flexible, we are a website and so never, really "close" - late night gaming and communication is a big plus.

We are looking for players HEAVY into gaming and very knowledgeable about what makes a great game and what doesn't.

We pay $35 per game review to be 1,000-1,200 words in length.

How To Apply

If you are interested in being a gaming contributor for and feel that you meet the above criteria please send a resume or CV and writing sample to Editorial Director Nicole Bartner.
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