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Company Name News For Shoppers
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Date Posted 13, Monday 2013
Category Blogger
Listing Type Monthly Rate


We need several entertainment writers to report on happenings related to popular TV shows.

Reviews and recaps written during/immediately after the show airs are good of course - but we also need coverage of show related news.

For example, if you follow a particular show or network - report on when it will premiere, when webisodes are released, when dvds or action figures become available. Report on new trailers, behind the scene videos, show related contests, when the show premieres on streaming services, etc.

We don't cover 'celeb' news, just things actually related to the show.

If you are interested, please see:

There are so many great show right now, and networks are doing more and more show related activities geared toward fans - we want to cover that!

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