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Company Name Manhattan Cocktail Classic
Location Telecommute, **
Date Posted 13, Wednesday 2013
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Monthly Rate


The Manhattan Cocktail Classic is hiring a part-time copywriter!

New York's most epic five-day cocktail party is looking for one fabulously eloquent, painfully pithy young writer to spread the good word of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic via ad and web copy, social media, email blasts and more. You don't need a long resume (or any resume) to impress us, but you will need to dazzle us with both your prosaic pulchritude as well as your ability to turn around copy on a tight deadline, respond to emails quickly and professionally, and generally be a clever person. This job would be ideally suited to an aspiring young writer fresh out of (or possibly still in) school who's looking to bulk up his or her portfolio whilst working on a wickedly cool team.

The nitty gritty:
We need someone who is available January through May 2014 to crank out great copy on a regular basis.
You should typically have plenty of notice, but there may be a minimal number of quick-turnaround assignments. Based on the assignment, we'll be looking for turnarounds of 24-48 hours in general.
You must have the ability to work on your own and have your own digs and tech in place. This includes a phone and an email machine. All work can be done remotely.
Compensation is a flat fee of $500 per month, on the assumption that weeks will vary wildly in terms of work volume (and we have little ability to anticipate how long it will take you to think up six synonyms for soirée). In addition to lining your pockets with a little cash, you can also expect some pretty sweet perks including but not limited to: attending our events and sporting the esteemed MCC staff credential; free booze; excellent experience and portfolio pieces; connections to some of the biggest spirits and media brands in the business; and, if you pass muster, a glowing recommendation.
Your mission, should you accept, is to submit the following for our review:
Resumes are boring. Show us your best work and what you think represents your style. College yearbook, tumblr, clips or tweets?
That said, please also do send your resume.
Pick one of our 2013 ad headlines (either consumer or trade focus) and come up with something better. You can go in any direction you'd like, touting whatever angle of the festival you think most appeals to that audience. (Hint: If you're unfamiliar with the Classic voice, take a spin through the website and our Facebook timeline to get acquainted -- but generally: dry with a smattering of snark. . .)
"After this, the city that never sleeps might just need a nap."
"Finally, a business reason to attend the world's largest cocktail party."
Select one of the non-MCC event descriptions below and whip it into an enticing single-paragraph event description in the Classic's voice. (Again, poke around on the site a bit to get your bearings.) Feel free to take creative license here, adding more imagined details as you'd like.
Option A: This course reviews drawing techniques to as an introduction to 3-D modeling using Rhinoceros 3-D version 5.0 beta as the main platform. Participants will also learn how this platform supports multiple plug-ins and can exchange information among different platforms such as AutoCAD, Rhino, Solid Works and Maya. Some experience with AutoCAD 2-D/3-D is recommended but not required. Computers are provided for each student, but it is recommended that students bring their own laptops for plug-ins and customization. This course also qualifies for the Certificate in Digital Representation and Fabrication.

Option B: This course consists of a morning lecture and an afternoon hands-on workshop. Participants learn to identify and optimize a building's "daylight zone" with particular attention given to new and existing buildings in an urban environment. The morning session's lecture explains the theory and practice of daylighting design from identifying and strategizing for a particular daylight source to selecting appropriate room finishes. Specialized topics include aperture design, glazing selection, view analysis, shading design, and integration of lighting controls. In the afternoon, participants develop hands-on experience using graphically based daylighting design and analysis tools. Students will learn a methodology for daylighting design and analysis that applies the concepts and principles learned in the morning session. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops to class.

Think you have what it takes? Please submit materials outlined above via email. We adhere to a strict policy of only working with super awesome people, so please be sure to let us know why we're going to absolutely love working with you. Make haste! We're looking to fill this position quickly.

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