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Company Name Confidential
Location SoHo, **
Date Posted 23, Tuesday 2012
Category Blogger
Listing Type Word Based


An award-winning, well-funded startup is looking for a native Mexican creative freelancer to write in Spanish for a new company blog directed towards the Mexican community.
Writer MUST speak Mexican Spanish natively.
Writer's cultural background will bring a unique identifiable point of view to the blog posts that will help engage with his Mexican audience.
We're looking for someone who:
- Can write multiple posts--about 250-300 words each--per week
- Speaks Mexican Spanish natively
- Is fully bilingual (Spanish and English)
- Has experience with short-lead writing or blogging (the more mainstream, the better)
- Has sweet research and fact-checking skills (sources need to be super solid)
- Is obsessed with grammar
- Likes to have fun with his/her writing
- Has experience with Wordpress and SEO (bonus points)
- Has some knowledge of health and wellness (double bonus points)
- Has a US address (for HR purposes)
We're offering:
- Healthy per-word compensation
- The ability to work from anywhere you like (home, café, or Antarctic research base)
- A chance to work with a fast-growing company full of smart, supportive people
To apply, please send over a brief bio and 2-3 writing samples in Spanish (particularly health-related samples, if you have). Use the subject line "Mexican Blogger".

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