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Company Name Coffee
Location Honolulu, **
Date Posted 07, Sunday 2013
Category Blogger
Listing Type Per Post Fee


Professional Coffee Blogger / Coffee Connoisseur Wanted
[Please read the Job Spec in its entirety before applying]
This is a FUN role for the RIGHT person who LOVES Coffee and loves to create/share blogs about it. Although our budget is tight, we want to find the BEST Writer we can afford for the Coffee-related site as we want to bring in a fresh/ innovative/creative / inspiring perspective to the blog and be able to write UNIQUE and original content with a WOW Factor. As we grow more, I will be able to hire more writers.
I am NOT looking for ‘GENERIC’ writers but a COFFEE NICHE blogger. Someone who not only writes but knows about BLOGGING, SEO keywords, do not write fillers but ‘hot topics’ to keep the user engaged / informed and making it fun.
Content Format / Types [project will depend on your pricing and availability on the following types of post]:
o Curated Post with relevant images from curated sources
o Small blog post [300+ words]
o Medium blog post [500+ words]
o Large blog post [1000+ words
WHEN do you need to post, get paid and when does this project end?
- Posting frequency: 5 days a week, every day on each weekday.
- Payment schedule: Paid weekly by Paypal on the Sunday of each week for that week
- Duration: 3 months

WHO is our BEST Match for this role?
Kindly ONLY reply if you meet ALL the 5 “CORE” Requirements below:
If You Are:
CORE Requirement 1): PASSIONATE about Coffee [not just love to drink it but PASSIONATE]
For this Job Role we are taking the following 2 descriptions of what ‘Passionate’ means to us for this blogging role:
1. Showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief in Coffee
2. Capable of, revealing, or characterized by intense emotion about Coffee
CORE Requirement 2): You LOVE writing, weaving words and images (when possible) to EXCITE and INSPIRE the user with your wit, creativity, breadth of Coffee knowledge and value you provide to the reader. You know WHAT to write about Coffee (what coffee lovers would love to read), WHEN to write about Coffee (timing based on media/industry/new products), and HOW to write engaging content about Coffee.
Requirement 3): English is your Mother Tongue. [Writers from England, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe most welcome and other countries also welcome as long as English is your Mother Tongue]. All candidates must have a mastery of English and an understanding of grammar, pronunciation and spelling. The writer should have an excellent ability to organize information in a highly readable format. Attention to detail and ability to deliver on time is a must. We will not accept Plagiarism

CORE Requirement 4): Knows and have developed EXCITING Coffee Recipes on your own. If you can add your own images of your Coffee Recipes it will be ideal.
CORE Requirement 5): Must be able to come up with new topics and categories based on:
- Coffee as a Subject Matter,
- Cultural and influence from society / media for the Coffee / Coffee Culture
- Fill a need in the Coffee industry / coffee culture by providing solution to problems, questions, and curiosity of Coffee Lovers
[NICE TO HAVE] Requirement 6): must be able to provide exciting images when relevant to enhance the post with no copyright issues for us either via appropriate credit to images. Advise how you intend to achieve this.
[NICE TO HAVE] Requirement 7): Strong Social Media Following to be able to briefly share your posts with your followers thus strengthening your brand online and share your work. A Nice to have requirement having a big impact on our selection process
[NICE TO HAVE] Requirement 8): for the Curated Posts: You are an expert on Curation, where you are able to pull together various sources and bring together an exciting curated post with appropriate Curation / adhering to copyright guidelines without infringements.
WHEN do you need to post, get paid and when does this project end?
- Posting frequency: 5 days a week, every day on each weekday. [this will depend on writer’s pricing /availability / my affordability / post lengths etc]
- Payment schedule: Paid weekly by Paypal on the Sunday of each week for that week
- Duration: 3 months

WHAT criteria do we use to choose the BEST Writer for this role?
Deciding Factors in the Blogger Selection process are:
- Writing Style and visible uniqueness [based on your past blog posts you provide as samples]
- Subject Matter Expertise [based on application / reply to us and your past blog posts you provide as samples]
- Social Media Influence [based on your social media profiles and klout score]
o Number of Followers
o Klout Score
- $ pricing per blog post [based on your pricing in your application for each of the blog post type]
- English Language / Grammar Requirement [based on your past posts and your background]

How To Apply

HOW to Apply:
- WHY you love to write about Coffee / Coffee related posts
- Sample Work: Please provide previous samples of your work via url/attachments when possible
- Availability: Your availability / when you can start
Apply for this position now!
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