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Company Name Confidential
Location Remote, **
Date Posted 12, Tuesday 2013
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Hourly Rate


Looking for a research/writer to generate speeches and talks and convert to power point. Topics include
Fame/Celebrity; Creative Writing/Self Publishing; Hollywood in its Hey Day: How Movies Got their Start: Manifestation and Intent: The Keys to Magical Living; The Tipping Point - Break throughs and how they happen;
Outliers: Why do Certain People Succeed or Overcome Adversity?; The Making of a Broadway Hit; Profiles of Celebrities and their Climb to Fame; The 4 hour Work Week and other Alternatives to the 9/5 Working Week; Living in Alighnment with the Authenic Self; Tips for Travelling Inexpensively; Living Large on a Dime......

I am looking to generate 5-7 public talks and convert them to power point. At least one needs to be done quickly.
The ideal candidate will work fast, integrate changes and personal anecdotes from me and convert them to power point. Perfect for a student looking for part time projects. Work from home. Flexible. Create your own hours at yoru convenience.

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For more, email. Writing samples and power point sample helpful.
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