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Company Name Papaya Head
Location Telecommute, WA
Date Posted 18, Tuesday 2011
Category Developer
Listing Type Hourly Rate


Olympia, WA based PapayaHead, Inc. is looking for a Web Developer "Rock Star". Wannabe's need not apply! is an award winning meal planning and nutrition analysis website. We have several projects and opportunities in the queue and need additional Web Development help to move forward with them, quickly.

We value credentials and education, but place even higher value on what you have actually DONE.

The person we are looking for will have real world experience in the following areas:

-Website design and development
-Social networking systems
-Payment systems
-Affiliate systems
-Integrating 3rd party solutions to an existing website
-Keyword research
-Ad placement and tracking
-Helping define strategies to drive site traffic AND being able to implement them

You need to be a real web developer, not a designer who knows a little html.

Having knowledge of cooking, food, recipes and nutrition is a tremendous plus (we are a meal planning site, ya know?)

You have to be able to show us websites that you have worked on and articulate your contribution.

You need at least 2 references that we can call and talk to (and not your college prof). If you don't have 2 references....well, you'd better have an amazing website that you can show us....

As part of your response to this opening, please visit our website and explore it. Offer some honest and intelligent commentary on our site.
If you just send your resume, without any insight on our site and what you bring to the table, we'll just delete it.

We want top talent, who can deliver great results quickly, and are willing to pay competitive contract rates to get it. Initial work will be on 1099 contract basis. We don't have a physical office so telecommuting is the only way. We don't care where you sit when you work, but when we meet on the phone you need to have a good internet and phone connection and a quite environment, so we can be productive.

We do think occasional face time is important, so the closer you are to Olympia, the better.

If you read all of this and are totally excited and are thinking "that's me! I'm the Rock Star they are looking for!" then by all means, respond and let's talk! If it is not you, please don't get your hopes up or waste our time.


The PapayaHead Team

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