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Company Name Page Turner Press
Location online, **
Date Posted 29, Friday 2014
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Per Post Fee


We are a publishing house who is looking to publish child abuse stories. We are looking for short books, about 50-80 pages or so.

Because of the fact that you will get complete credit as the author of this book, this is not only an interesting job but also a highly lucrative and rewarding opportunity for the right person.

*This is not a ghostwriting job

Why would you want to do this job?

-Even though we dont share profits, you will have an input on the cover design, title and other factors of the book.
-Your name will be on the book and you can further your career as a published author
-We are very fun to work with.
-We pay on time and promise consistent work if we like your work
-We will promote the book and your name will be promoted for free
-If this project goes well, we will consider you for partnering on other books and sharing profits later on.


The payment will be $100 and the deadline to finish the short story is 2 weeks. The manuscript length we are looking for is around 50-80 pages.

We usually reject over most author proposals even at this price level. We are very careful who we choose to work with as we have found what types of books can be successful and which ones wont. If we do choose you, you can be assured that we fully believe in your story.

-Fluent in english and excellent english writing skills, you have to be an excellent writer
-Ok with the budget.
-Must be reliable and hardworking
-Must be easy and fun to work with
-Preferably someone in the US, Canada, Britain, Australia or another English speaking country

We have published three amazon best sellers (one a #1 best seller) and we will get this book to sell and sell a lot. Our books have sold thousands of copies, so you can rest assured your name will be promoted heavily.

How To Apply

Send an email to: [email protected]

-Explain your writing experience and why you are a good candidate to write on the topic(s)
-Tell us about YOUR child abuse story and why the world needs to hear about it
-Submit a writing sample of non-fiction wr
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