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Company Name Social5
Location Remote, **
Date Posted 02, Tuesday 2013
Category Blogger
Listing Type Monthly Rate


Social5 is a social-media management company that specializes in the production of high-quality content for businesses and organizations in 150+ industries worldwide. Led by former newspaper and television journalists, Social5 is seeking freelance writers across the country to keep up with its recent growth. Social5 is looking to hire 5 writers between now and the end of August. A journalism background is preferred, but experienced bloggers and social media consultants are invited to apply.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Producing an engaging blend of Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn content for Social5 customers. Unlike traditional marketing, this content would be largely brand neutral to allow for distribution to multiple customers. In essence, Social5 operates much like a social media wire service in providing a steady stream of content to subscribers. Writers will also be expected to produce a 200-400-word blog twice a month.

COMPENSATION: Social5 offers a build-your-own-compensation model, in which writers can determine their own compensation based on how much content they are willing to produce. The Social5 rate is 2 blogs and 16 Facebook posts for $100 per month. Social5 draws from this freelance pool for recruiting full-time talent.

WRITER SPECIALTIES: Social5 is currently looking for writers in all categories. High-growth categories include real estate, insurance, business, finance, healthcare, IT management, home improvement, construction and beauty. Social5 is also a provider of content for multi-level companies including Young Living and Mannatech, which will require multiple writers by the end of summer.

PINTEREST: Social5 is also looking for Pinterest specialists to maintain customer accounts. The job would require 3-5 pins a week at a rate of $40/month.

How To Apply

REQUIREMENTS: Please submit a resume and writing samples to Jeremiah Stettler, Vice President of Operations and Content.
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