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Company Name AND Magazine
Location Online, **
Date Posted 14, Wednesday 2011
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Per Post Fee


AND Magazine is looking for a fashion/culture writer to submit at least two substantive editorials per month, and a maximum of one per day.

To prove you are a real person (not a spam-bot) please send your email to writers [at] andmagazine [dot] com.We'd like to see that you can also follow simple instructions, so please use this email. Do not use "reply."

You may visit AND Magazine here: to see the site (which updates regularly) and get a feel for the culture and style approach. Note that politics and culture are weaved in, heavily.

You may contribute on your own schedule, as long as it's a minimum of two substantive editorials per month, and a maximum of one per day.

Editorial submissions are edited and must be approved to be considered substantive.

How To Apply

Please submit a few writing samples and a short, simple resume within the body of your email message. Do not attach files, as they will be ignored along with your response. We need writers who can read instructions as well. ;-)
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