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Company Name AppCraver
Location Anywhere, **
Date Posted 08, Wednesday 2013
Category Blogger
Listing Type Per Post Fee


Do you love mobile technology — specifically the iOS platform? is looking for talented, tech-savvy writers to share their thoughts on the latest and greatest apps in the App Store.

We want someone who can comment on the news, not just regurgitate it. Can you read between the lines of a ho-hum press release to find the more interesting story? Can you experience an app, and then share that experience with readers, honestly and with personality.

We are looking for people to cover the following:

  • Reviews: Evaluate and review apps/accessories for iPhone and iPad
  • Video: Video reviews, hands-on demo, video round-up articles of new trailers
  • Features: Write themed articles (8 Apps for 6-Fingered Men, etc)
  • News Beat: Short and timely. What's happening and news-worthy in the iOS world?

What we expect from Contributing Writers:

- Own your writing: Be active and share your articles on social media (Twitter, FB, Pinterest, wherever you hang out online). Answer people in the comments.

- Be proactive: suggest story ideas, ask for apps you want to review.

Qualities of our Ideal Contributor

storyteller: have the skills to express what you like and why; conversely, be able to clearly explain an app's potential (or actual) problems; be original, witty, insightful, compelling.

web professional: enjoy the challenge of creating snappy headlines and clicktastic teasers; write for humans, but be aware of search engines; must have a Google+ account to establish Authorship.

strong writer: say what you mean and mean what you say, concisely and with correct spelling and punctuation.

basic photoshop skills: most of your images will be screenshots, but you should to be able to resize them appropriately for the web; bonus points if you can whip up a quick graphic when needed.

familiar with WordPress: able to upload images, input and format a blog post;

curious: have a genuine interest in apps and how they fit into our daily life; do the research, ask the questions, then, have a sincere desire to share what you learn.

engaged with the community: knowledgable about what's happening in the tech world, up-to-date with app releases; personal history that includes gaming, mobile, other tech geekery.

How To Apply

Ready to apply? Start by showing us a little bit about you. Visit and leave a comment an article or two that you find interesting. This will help us learn about your likes and see how you think.

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