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Company Name News For Shoppers
Location USA, **
Date Posted 12, Wednesday 2014
Category Blogger
Listing Type Monthly Rate


News For Shoppers is an approved Google News and Bing News source that offers writers a 70% revenue share using Google AdSense.

We are seeking reporters and bloggers that can write knowledgeably about current events of interest to consumers.

Coming into this, you should already know:

- SEO basics
- How AdSense works
- How to write in a basic news style

You should also have a good feel for what consumers are searching for online, be able to anticipate their needs, and put together news stories that provide the answers they are looking for.

You will need to be self-motivated. I do not assign stories, it will be up to you to follow your topic area and report on what is going on.

To excel, you'll need to contact companies for original quotes, read the fine print on product sites, monitor company blogs and forums, and be able to write helpful, non-promotional, news articles with real content for real people.

We currently need reporters in these areas:

Tech - smartphones, tablets, consumer software, ultrabooks, ereaders, tech sales/deals, etc.

Travel - airline, cruise, train, and bus travel (news about ticket sales to new policies, budget sites, and travel disruptions), newsworthy vacation deals, amusement park news, hotel news, etc.

Consumer finance - tax programs, credit card news, banking services, mortgage news, etc.

You should have some experience/expertise in these areas before applying. We are not looking for writers that "can write about anything".

For more information and to apply - visit:

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