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Company Name Acahi
Location Figino, Switzerland
Date Posted 25, Tuesday 2014
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Monthly Rate


Hi! This is a call for articles, papers, stories, anecdotes, etc.. As translators, I know you all have stories, nagging thoughts you want to let out, or things you wish you had known, or thoughts about the future of translation.

The plan is to collect these articles so as to form a book, but I will specify right away that this is unpaid. So why should you still be interested? Well, once we have a book, each of you can use it as your new calling card. So, next time you meet a potential client, in addition to a business card, you could say "By the way, I am also an author of this book on translation".

The sections for now (but subject to change) are "The importance of translation", "Disasters in translations" and "The future of translation" so, ideally, what you send will fit into one of these sections. If it does not, however, don't worry. Depending on what we receive we may want to add or modify the sections. In fact, it is very likely we will.

I should also mention that we cannot guarantee your article will be featured. I anticipate receiving quite a few entries, and we would like to keep the book under 200 pages if possible.

Will this cost you anything?
Of course not. If we publish your work we will even send you a copy of the book for free. Please see for more details.

That's about it. For more information you can visit

How To Apply

Send your submissions to Book AT (please copy your text into the body of the email. Sorry but we can't open attachments).

While we cannot pay you for what you write, we are happy to provide pretty much anything else, such as your name, name
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