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Company Name Dolce Vita Games
Location Prague / Telecommute, Czech Republic
Date Posted 20, Sunday 2013
Category Blogger
Listing Type Monthly Rate


We love the fact that the iPhone, iPad and the AppStore finally made our dream possible. Today, a small team of dedicated and experienced video game developers like us can make amazingly successful games.

However, if you follow the mobile game space, you know that discovery is almost as important as the quality of the gameplay experience. We need someone who can help us establish an authentic and engaging dialogue with our target audience. We need you.

We are looking for an enthusiastic writer to help us raise the awareness of our games by writing content that is good enough for our readers to share with their friends. Good enough for jaded game industry journalists to pick up and republish. Good enough to go viral.

This is our target audience:

1. People who write about games, the bigger the audience they have the better. (video game bloggers & journalists)
2. People who loves games and also shares everything they find with their friends. (Influencers & social super-communicators)
3. People who writes or talks about human interest stories to a wide audience. (Women in games, Small studio - big dreams etc)
4. People who make games and want to read more about what it is like to be an indie studio. (David vs Goliath)
5. People who want to make games and are reading about people who are making them. (Dreamers & enthusiasts)
6. People who love to play games and are looking for something new to play. (Mobile gamers)

Our blog is designed to be fun, simple to read, engaging and everything we do must have a shot at going viral. Our style is ADD friendly: short sentences and lots of pictures. The tone is personal, playful and authentic, but sometimes we challenge the status quo and are not afraid to have strong opinions about controversial topics.

We need someone who can:

1. Act as a ghostwriter for the creative director on the blog.
2. Be able to write a compelling story.
3. Be productive enough to publish at least 5 days a week. (250-500 words per post)
4. Respond to readers in the comment section.
5. Sometimes write copy for our marketing material.
6. Help out on improving dialogue for our games.
7. Know something about video game design.
8. Be a passionate and knowledgeable mobile and console gamer.
9. Expand awareness of our games through use of social media channels.
10. Be able to use SEO principles in ways to push the blog up the search engine totem pole.
11. Manage and maintain the Wordpress pipeline.

Example topics for our blog:

1. The benefits of being a small independent studio
2. Designing games for players age 3 to 93
3. Games that are fun to play for both casual and hard core gamers
4. Design ideas that modify the difficulty based on how the player is doing
5. Which games I like to play myself and why
6. What kind of talent I am looking for in a development partners
7. Self-publish or find a publishing partner?
8. Making a game that stands out among 700,000 other games
9. What is appeal and how can you bottle it up?

We will need your services on a long-term basis, which to us means at least 12 months, but hopefully longer. We pay $300 per month, which after doing some research seems to be a fair price. We also pay a bonus for every blog post that is republished by major online video game publications. We have a blast doing what we do and we think you will too. If this sounds like the perfect gig for you then get in touch ASAP!

How To Apply

Send an email with a writing sample that you feel is relevant to our blog.
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