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Company Name Munchweb
Location Canada, Canada
Date Posted 20, Friday 2013
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Monthly Rate


Full-Time Copywriter required to join one of the
web's most progressive Internet Marketing firms operating today.

We are currently in the middle of a major expansion and looking
for a skilled copywriter who can work both independently, and as
a part of an international, remote network of talented and
motivated individuals.

Our company has a strong emphasis on 'Cool Workin' + Cool Livin''
so as to keep the mind fresh, and lifestyle enjoyable.

We're constantly striving to push for bigger and better things,
and would expect you to do the same alongside us.


Immediate responsibilities will consist of writing daily email
promotions, with an emphasis on providing good, solid information
and advice, instead of hyped up nonsense...

So A Strong Background In Internet Marketing Is Preferable.

Training on our style and advanced copywriting insights will be
provided, as long as you are happy and willing to hone your talents,
and bring the very best of yourself to the team.

Other Responsibilities May Include:

- Sales Letter Copywriting
- Webinar Copywriting
- Video Scripts
- Product Creation
- Potentially More As We Progress...

Please be aware, although responsibilities are broad, we aim to
keep the workload manageable, and we have another copywriter on
board already who is there to assist when needed.


We request that applicants to this position are willing to
focus their time SOLELY on our project so we can expand in
to new territories as a team, sharing the victories and rewards
along the way...

This would mean taking on no new clients, closing down any present
contracts, and operating no other business interests outside of
Munchweb Work.

This way we can keep our focus in the same shared direction and
really take things to the next level as soon as possible!

How To Apply


Please Contact [email protected] With:
- A Brief Summary Of Yourself
- A Brief Summary Of Your Experience
- A Brief Summary Of What You Feel You Can Bring To The Team

We look forward to hearing from you
Apply for this position now!
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