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Company Name syncronox
Location Online, **
Date Posted 21, Friday 2012
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Per Post Fee


Im am creating a book on outdoor/nature survival and Im looking for seasoned outdoor experts. Im looking for people who can share their stories and personal experience with suriving in the wilderness. Im looking to create a how to survival book but one that also has personal stories as well.

Potential topics: survival stories (narrative stories/journeys), outdoors backpackers guide, How to Stay Alive in the Woods: Guide to Food, Shelter and Self-Preservation, survival philosophy, creating the ultimate survival bag or "bug out bag", Hiker's Gear Guide, Hammock Camping

-must have priors outdoors experience
-good english writing skills
-A true passion for the topic. I want someone who genuinely wants to write about this topic not for money, but because they actually want to talk about it
-Ok with a small budget (for a book around 50-100 pages or more). The budget is $60-100 or so with a profit split. The profit split will depend on the number of books sold and will go up to 50%. The budget will be higher for longer books.

-Flexible deadlines
-You have flexibility over topics
-Your name will be on the book; I will take no credit for the ebooks so you will get paid to promote yourself as an author.
-Possible chance of future partnership and long term employment

This is going to be a fun job! Lets get started, I look forward to working with you.

How To Apply

send an email to [email protected]

Only people with outdoor survival and hiking experience may apply.

Tell me about your outdoor survival experience and send me writing samples.
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