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Company Name Kant
Location Houston, **
Date Posted 06, Thursday 2014
Category Blogger
Listing Type Word Based


Goal: I want break down High Fashion to the everyday women. My target audience is women 18-40. We will have a lot of articles on hair care for biracial women, African american women, Indian women and any other minority group. I love high fashion but there were some expensive lessons I learned when falling in love with the "high end" world of fashion. Sometime we are too embarrassed to ask how to pronounce a name, price range, ask why its so high, ask if its worth it. I want to bring great tips, deals, tips on buying used goods, and so much more I learned. We also will address social issues, Beauty (finding make-up for the right skin-tone sometimes is brutal), and review the arts (dance, film etc)

What I need: A strong writer, with WordPress knowledge (get online and research) with a career, passion or knowledge by experience in Fashion, Beauty, Hair, and Lifestyle articles (One area or more is fine)
If you do not want to be online Do not respond. I will expect My team to post pictures of themselves, bios, and do how to's. It will involve online exposure and possible TV exposure
Pay: Less than 7 articles published/portfolio or able to show as your portfolio I will pay $4 to $7 per article.
If you are more experienced and can provide a portfolio of Published (no exception) of 7 articles I will pay $7.5 to $10 per article
If you have worked or written for any major fashion sites (Not your own blog) I can offer provide your portfolio of published work. We can talk about a rate per word.
These articles MUST include pictures, collages, necessary and any visual at no extra charge. PERIOD. Non Negotiable.
Vlogging is my production, I have full equipment. I will provide food and travel. I will not accept grainy homemade videos. If you want to discuss this. Please have work to show me.

I would be willing to grow and change that as we gain more audience each month. My rates are not negotiable. Don't waste my time.

Upon being selected I will send your Wordpress login info for you to up load your work to the site.
You will need to build your profile- My audience will want to know you especially if you are giving advice.
Your profile will be in the about us section it will and can include
Bio/Fashion Background
Fashion inspirations
You must
Provide links to your social media (up to you if you want to take advantage of advertising your brand, but you don't have to give social media)
Not Promote your site or vlog through my site
Build your own profile when you receive your login.

Desired Skills
WordPress, Blogs, Blogging, Photo Editing, Blog Writing

How To Apply

Respond with your picture(s), portfolio, and Bio and questions. do not email me saying tell me more about your project or I am interested. Its a waste of my time.
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