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The 10 Best Domain Name Generators

Have you ever spent hours, if not days, trying to come up with that perfect URL for your new blog? This is where domain name generators often come in.

These tools have proven useful when brainstorming unique website names, especially if you wish for them to sound marketable or carry a “brand” feel. Additionally, many generators allow you to insert a desired keyword if you are heavily focused on SEO, so that your URL is not completely randomized.

Let’s look at the 10 best domain name generators in no particular order.



woroid (Custom)

I have used Wordoid to register quite a few creative domain names in the past. This gem lets you mesh words in different languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. The system also has a quality system that makes words sound natural and more relatable to the selected language, giving it a better sound and feel as a result.

You can select for a word to start, contain, or end with a certain fragment, providing a result that closely matches your website’s description. Perhaps the most useful part is the website’s ability to tell you whether the word is already registered as a domain name – all from one convenient place.

Domain Name Soup

domain_name_soup (Custom)

This generator is pretty handy for people who wish to create all kinds of marketable combinations. These are some of the choices it provides in its results:

Cool names: Useful for branding and works great for both personal and professional uses.

Business names: This section adds a more professional touch to the words you insert, such as “career, company, and commerce.”

Premium names: This presents you with premium choices in case you’re willing to spend extra money in exchange for better quality domain names.

Other options include swapping/rearranging letters, using typos, hyphens, and random combinations. Domain name generators really can’t get much better than this.

Name Mesh

namemesh (Custom)

Name Mesh takes many things into consideration to ensure your domain name is fun, brandable, and SEO-friendly. For example, it preserves the word you initially enter and simply adds a short prefix or suffix, such as “exMusic.” It also shows a variety of mixed words that, despite not being in the dictionary, still have the power to sound authentic.

The system also displays available TLDs (such as .com or .net) and tries to keep words short for added value.


nameboy (Custom)

Nameboy describes itself as “The Original Cool Domain Name Generator.” Founded in 1999, this service can help generate domain names, company names, and assist you with their subsequent registration.

Simply insert a primary and a secondary keyword to give the system something unique to work with. Two unique aspects include the ability for names to use hyphens and to rhyme, making for some interesting domain name choices with just a little creativity.


panabee (Custom)

Panabee first asks you to insert two words, such as “Internet” and “Marketer.” It then shows you a good mixture by adding catchy suffixes such as “Ly” and “Go” next to each word.

To assist even further, the service presents you with many other words that are similar to the ones you had originally chosen, thus giving you instant access to a thesaurus.

Much like other services, you can immediately see which words are already registered and which are available – then the system connects you with GoDaddy to register them with ease. Other features include app name availability, as well as social media username checkups.

Bust a Name

bust_a_name (Custom)

Bust a Name has a very friendly interface, placing all major options right at the top and making them easily manageable. You can create domain names that either “Start with” or “End with” a specific word, select the amount of characters, hide which words are already taken, and display only your desired TLD in the results.

If you see more than one domain name, the system enables you to group and save them as a means of keeping track. In addition, their registration options are quite varied, allowing you to choose between GoDaddy, 1&1, NameCheap, and many others.


domainhole (Custom)

Unlike other domain name generators, this one lacks certain features — but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re looking to skip all kinds of fancy options.

Simply select the amount of characters your desired domain name should contain, followed by a preferred TLD, and you’re good to go. If a domain isn’t available, you can optionally create an alert and the system will notify you when or if it becomes available.

Other options include back-ordering as well as initiating procedures to purchase them at a premium price.

Honorable Mentions:

Dot-o-mator: Assign beginning and ending words, or choose randomly-suggested ones. Very good for branding, with compelling names such as “Zumbo” and “Buzzoom” randomly thrown your way.

Namestation: Another great generator with all the options you would expect. Free registration required.

OneClickName: Ideal for serious webmasters with a high budget, as this mostly shows you memorable and marketable premium names. Great choices, if you’re willing to invest.

Your Turn

What are your preferred domain name generators? Is adding keywords in a domain important to you? Why or why not? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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