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10 Commonly Done Mistakes Every Blogger Should Avoid

mistakes bloggersAlmost every blogger have the same dream of getting millions of visitors every month on his/her blog. However, it is quite challenging to get the massive traffic when thousand of articles are being published daily. The word I used here is challenging and not impossible, this means that, though it is exigent enough but if we avoid certain mistakes we can become a successful blogger. Blogging is one of the best way for everyone to promote their writing style professionally.

If done in a right way, blogging is a very powerful tool to generate great leads. Dedication and commitment are the major requisites to be a successful blogger followed by evading of certain mistakes.

Creating a blog is however one of the easiest thing to achieve on internet. Many free websites are now providing the features and tools which allow everyone to create their own blog.

But having a blog is just half done, when we talk about successful blogging. Creating and writing a blog is quite easy job, but the touch and tricky part comes when it is about tempting the internet traffic to your blog. Keeping the fresh and topical posts is very important to get the potential as well as returning visitors to your blog. Regular update is also a very important aspect of successful blogging. However there is a long list of things to do for a successful blogging and so is the list of things not to do.


Below is a description of a few common mistakes the bloggers must avoid :

1. Niche of your blog : Niche is the thing where your blog begins, thus it is very important to select the right niche for your blog. Determine on what niche you can just be perfect and start your blog based on that particular niche. Moreover next important point is to stick with the niche. Muddling up of too many niches in one blog will certainly not take it to the height.

2. Blog Layout : Next comes the layout and the design of your blog. Make sure that the design and layout you select is appropriate for your blog niche and blog topic. In fact the layout of your blog must reflect your niche to the extent that the visitor could envisage your niche just by seeing your blog design. Select the correct colors, simple design and theme specifying the mood of the blog. For example if you are creating a blog on mediation, choose the simple and soothing colors, elegant design and neat and clear font.

3. Copied content : Content is always the king and it is the content which makes a blog successful or unsuccessful. Blogger usually copy the content from some good productive website and paste it on their blog, this hampers the blog success badly. Make sure that your idea and content both are original as well as perfectly relevant to the topic. Best content always stand out.

4. Irregular updates : People search over the internet for new and most up to date contents and if you are not updating your blog regularly visitors will never return there back. Regular updates are very important aspects which determine the success of a blog. One must post new articles daily or at least twice a week to make the blog successful.

5. Overstuffing of keywords : The SEO guys however, always suggest writing the keyword optimized content for the blog but over stuffing of the keywords may look like spam and Google nowadays is very strict with spam posting.

6. Non catchy titles : The title reflects the content of an article and if you are not giving a good, catchy and relevant title to your blog, you are just lessening the readers to half.

7. Lack or promotion : Remember that no publicity is bad publicity and if you are not promoting your blog by the proper means you are actually demoting your blog.

8. Being anonymous : People often don’t want to add their actual profile with their blog which creates a sense of unreliability in the visitors. The audience cannot connect to the blog well if you are anonymous to your blog.

9. Over stuffing of advertising : Advertising generate good revenue for your blog undoubtedly but over stuffing of advertising is never a good decision. Readers come to your blog to read the content and not to see the advertisements.

10. Giving up too early : Blogging needs patience, so if you want to be a successful blogger you need to be patient.

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Peter has been in recruitment industry for over 8 years now, beside blogging, and design work he also does other stuff such as, Adecco USA temp staffing services to help others, infographic design and cooking.