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10 Pet YouTube Channels Aspiring Bloggers Should Follow

Today’s article focuses on the best pet YouTube channels to help spark curiosity and inspiration.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get started, the following YouTubers are a great source of inspiration for the following reasons:

  • They are generally experts in their field
  • YouTube pet channels often thrive (whether they’re broad or niche)
  • Even the “simplest” videos can be a big hit, such as reaction videos to various pets
  • YouTubers often receive video submissions & suggestions from fellow pet owners, thus helping in the creation/publishing of new videos

I personally believe that most blogs should be accompanied by a YouTube channel, and this goes especially for the pet niche/industry as a whole. This is mainly because pet lovers are very passionate and (let’s face it) most animals are simply too cute to resist.

So, ready to learn from the following pet YouTubers? Let’s get started.

The Dodo

The Dodo is the ultimate feel-good channel, dedicated to the wellbeing of animals. Here you’ll find stories of rescued pets and the many habits and quirkiness these cuties tend to portray.

User submissions/suggestions are also highlighted, and just about every video is published as long as it tells a positive story. This is a reminder that you don’t necessarily need your own unique content to get started.

Brian Barczyk

This is not your typical YouTube pet channel, especially if you’re looking for warm and fuzzy videos about cats and dogs.

Brian Barczyk focuses mainly on snakes, geckos, lizards, and other exotic animals. These videos cover hard-to-replicate subjects such as animals that glow in the dark, caring for a two-headed turtle (yes, you read that right) adopting anacondas, and many more odd videos.

The channel is recommended if you intend to jump into the more exotic side of animal care.

Dog Training Revolution

If you’re a dog owner, chances are your pup is already well-trained in some areas but is severely lacking in others. While the average dog may obey certain orders, they will often bark at just about anyone or get too upset when left alone.

This is where Zak George’s YouTube channel comes in. This guy is a professional dog trainer that helps you train your best friend in ways never thought possible. Heck, he even helps dogs get along with new cats in the household, which says quite a lot about Zak’s expertise in general.

Robin Seplut

Some YouTubers specialize in compiling existing cat videos, while others create brand new content by going out there and getting their hands dirty. Robin Seplut is one of the latter, and his cat videos are simply amazing to watch.

This gentle soul enjoys spotting stray cats and tending to their every need as much as possible. It’s not uncommon for him to carry food and water for often-starving cats and feed entire groups all day long.

Robin’s videos are also raw with very little editing, which make them that much more authentic in the eyes of many. This is a great example of a YouTube pet channel done right.


This YouTube channel covers a fairly wide variety of videos ranging from dogs to ferrets (tutorials and general impressions).

This creative YouTuber also enjoys posting reaction videos where she watches and adds commentary about viral animal videos. This part is especially intriguing if you’re an aspiring YouTuber, as these videos are fairly easy to do and tend to be a bit hit among animal lovers. What can I say? People just love watching how others react to different situations.

Lennon the Bunny

Instead of focusing on animals in general, this gal has become an authority specifically for rabbit care.

The main content largely consists of general tutorials, product reviews/overviews, along with the occasional fan suggestion. This makes for a well-rounded pet channel that caters to the needs of all rabbit owners. Highly recommended overall.


This niche YouTube channel focuses on fish and properly maintaining a clean tank to ensure your pets live a long and healthy life. The YouTuber also explains how to care for sensitive breeds (such as guppies) and explains how to best customize your tank with various plants and decorative items.

These videos are also pretty consistent and provide a good amount of detail, ranging from 10 to 25+ minutes in length. Ideal for fish enthusiasts and those who wish to learn how to start a similar YouTube channel about aquatic life.

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko talks specifically about geckos. You can find all kinds of tutorials as well as general funny videos about these curious animals.

Though the channel doesn’t have as many subscribers as others on this list, its tight niche has helped the owner become an authority on YouTube for all things gecko.

Honorable Mentions

The Pet Collective: A channel about positive compilations with the occasional tutorial. Each video varies greatly in length (three minutes long, on average) which shows that you don’t necessarily need longer videos to succeed on YouTube if your content is of high quality.

The Orphan Pet: This pet channel highlights stray animals. Watch as this YouTuber finds and subsequently cares for a variety of pets who are in need of a home. Truly inspiring, and this is something every pet YouTuber should do by default (at least on occasion).


Feeling inspired and ready to make a splash on YouTube? Inspect all available videos to identify what type of content is missing, then fill in the blanks where possible.

Lastly, remember that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel either; animal lovers could always use one more channel as long as you put your own spin on things. Best of luck!