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10 Post Ideas For Businesses That Blog

A great post on Simplenomics, found via Successful Blog, talks about what Businesses can blog about if they have a blog. I know that many businesses want to have a blog as a line of communication between their prospective clients and the business, and that can be difficult. You don’t want to be too personal, or too much like a press release page, and so finding topics can cause an amazing amount of stress.
Maybe Mike Sigers post will help get the creative juices flowing:

1) How To
2) Lists
3) Campaign
4) Interview
5) Review
6) Case Studies
7) Research Results
8) What’s New, Trends
9) Attack !
10) Ask The Audience

Read the full article for details on each point. These same points could be used to create any type of successful blog, not just for businesses, so if your personal blog is feeling a little slow, maybe grab a few of these and mix things up. Interview your brother or review another blog. It is a good way to get people reading and interacting.