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100 Amazing Free WordPress Themes – Smashing Magazine

Thanks to a commenter on yesterday’s WordPress Hacks post, I discovered that the content of the post I was linking to quite likely had been lifted from an earlier post. Sorry about that guys!
The nice thing about that, is it gave me a good excuse to sift through a bit, and I found some pretty cool stuff, such as this list of “100 Amazing Free WordPress Themes for 2009
It’s broken down into several groups: “Blog & Portfolio”, “Photoblog & Gallery”, “Minimal & Clean”, “Smashing Magazine Themes”, and “Something different…”.
If you’re looking for a new theme, or just some inspiration, that list is a good place to start your search. I’m thinking I may have to find a use for the Absynthe theme from this list(seen below).
Absynthe Theme
What are you favourites from the list, or favourite themes in general?