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User Interface Nitpick: Forward or Back?

One of the things that are not consistant with all blogs out there is how we page through our archives. I use “previous entries” as my way of going back and “next entries” as a way of going forward, but for manay blogs, if I landed on page two of your blog, I would not know what to click to get me to the front page as there is no standard when it comes to this.
Some people like to reverse the whole previous and next links, meaning that as you click next, you are going further back into their archives, and if you click previous, you are going to more recent posts. That to me seems counter intuitive.
Elliot Back does this on his site and is a great example. If you started on his second page, would you know which link to click to get to the front page without looking at what URL the link is actually pointing to?
Should there be a standard in place? Which do you use, and why?