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176 Newspapers Partner with Yahoo

The lines between online and traditional media looks to be blurred again as a group of seven newspaper chains representing 176 daily newspapers across the US are partnering with Yahoo to share content, advertising and technology.
In the first part of the deal you will see newspaper companies posting their employment classified ads on HotJobs, Yahoo’s job site as well as using HotJobs to promote the ads on their own sites.
The long-term goal is of course to have all the newspaper content tagged and optimized for indexing and searching by Yahoo.
This deal comes shortly after Google’s announcement of a deal with 50 major newspapers, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune.
Newspapers are having a hard time keeping up in our society, and partnering with Google and Yahoo might be a good move for them. While the effect on bloggers might not be transparent to most, I see this as the first step in getting traditional media used to how the web really works, and someday The Chicago Tribune might be grabbing your content for display in their publication.
Or, even more interesting in my eyes, this could be the death knell for newspapers as they slowly give up control to online companies able to monetize their content better. What do you think of such a deal?
Souce: The New York Times