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20 Types of Pages that Every Blogger Should Consider

If you are using most modern blogging software, I am sure you can create pages, and you should be. Darren recently wrote a post on the types of pages that every blogger should consider adding to their sites, as they help, inform, and promote the site.
He lists things like the about, contact, disclaimer, subscribe, advertise, and one that I don’t think bloggers use enough: series central page.

9. Series Page – Central Page – the other approach to managing a series of posts with a ‘page’ is to use one as a ‘central links page’ that you update with a link to each post in your series over time. This is what I did in my 31 Days to Building a Better Blog Series last August. The beauty of this approach over the ‘compilation page’ is that it can drive a lot more page views as readers are ’sneezed’ in multiple directions into your blog. It’s also good because it allows readers to be more selective about which posts in a series they want to read rather than reading the full thing.

The post is very well thought out, and very interesting to read. If you are using WordPress, maybe you should take the time today and click Write Page rather than Write Post, and get some of these suggestions out of the way.
I have written about creating the perfect about page before, and I suggest that you check it out if you are looking for ideas.