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February 2021

10 Websites to Find Facts and Statistics

Find Facts and Valuable Insights. Blow Everyone Away

Have you noticed how some articles in this day of age are much more detailed and jam-packed with factual information?

Instead of simply stating that “Facebook is great for additional traffic,” reliable bloggers now provide statistical data that proves – or disproves – any substantial claims.

Granted, not everything must be backed by scientific analysis (as some information is meant to be subjective and/or obvious). However, providing facts, percentages and insights can help you build more authority as a reputable blogger as it shows you are meticulous about your work.

Bloggers like Brian Dean and Neil Patel use metrics and irrefutable facts all the time, and many people have come to respect them partly because of this.

Would you like to start injecting some mind-blowing stats into your articles as well? Here are seven great sources to help you do just that.Read More »10 Websites to Find Facts and Statistics