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23 Extremely Helpful WordPress Cheat Sheets

Over on 1st Webdesigner, there is a list of twenty-three WordPress cheat sheets and resources that you’ll find helpful if you are having issues remember which code to put in to include your theme’s stylesheet or display comments. I really love these types of resource posts because the cheat sheets are one of the fastest way to get a new user up to speed when they are interested in seeing an overview of what makes WordPress tick.
Most of them are in PDF form, so you’ve been warned. If your computer chokes on PDF’s, you might want to look elsewhere, but these files are worth having. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up the same piece of code in the Codex, only to run and do a Google search regarding the function.
If you need a WordPress quick reference sheet, check out those listed on 1st Webdesigner’s list.