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48 Unique Ways To Use WordPress

Over on Performancing there is a great post which discusses the many ways in which WordPress can be used as a starting platform for all sorts of different web based applications. This was also talked about at Northern Voice while I was there in a session called More than Cat Blogs.
It seems that there are many people looking to extend and manipulate WordPress in wild and wonderful ways.

Why Use WordPress?
Not everyone is for the idea of WordPress as a CMS. Some bloggers point out a variety of technical issues (which I’m not getting into here). True, WP is not a high-end CMS, but it can get the job done, especially for low-volume use. The point is that with WP, you don’t always need to pay $50,000+ for a proprietary, difficult to learn CMS. And that’s for starters. Many of high-end CMSes require “seat” licenses. That is, a fee for each person that MIGHT use the software. Add maintenances/ upgrade fees, support licenses, training, etc., and most small businesses or online publishers are spending more than they have/ is necessary.
WordPress can do the job, and as has been discussed here and elsewhere many times, has a lot of community support, free themes and plugins, and is relatively easy to customize or to find someone who can for a fair price. Below are some ways that WP can be used.

I’ve done many of the listed items, but I am always looking to extend it in new and interesting ways, in hopes of streamlining my workflow. I love the idea of changing WordPress into a contact manager, but will I be vigilant in adding people’s information to it? Definitely an article worth checking out on