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5 Creative Ways to Grow Your Email List

Ways to Grow Your Email List for Massive Success

Growing an email list is always on every smart blogger’s radar. It helps establish more trust with readers, and it helps the blogger make a living in exchange for continued, awesome content.

Sadly, growing an email list isn’t always easy, especially when you only provide the most basic methods in today’s competitive blogosphere.

Here are 5 highly effective ways to grow your email list to ensure long-term success.

Offer Content Upgrades

A tactic made popular by Backlinko’s Brian Dean, content upgrades refer to offering something extra within a useful blog post in exchange for an email address.

Do you have an article listing 25 ways to increase website revenue, for example? Offer a PDF and/or audio version in exchange for a signup. Many people prefer these options over reading standard blog articles, after all.

Another alternative involves providing “bonus” material not available within the main article, such as 5 extra tips to increase site revenue in this example.

Leverage Working Relationships

Active bloggers usually know a fellow marketer or two, typically thanks to the years spent commenting with one another. Instead of approaching him with a guest post (in exchange of a backlink) offer something more mutually beneficial.

For example, offer to promote your fellow blogger’s latest articles to your existing list and social media circles. In exchange, he should do the same and introduce his followers to your website.

While inserting a backlink into your guest post is definitely effective, a blogger’s good word to his email list could potentially deliver better results. If readers come primarily from search engines, for instance, they might not yet have a trustworthy relationship as people who are already in that blogger’s mailing list.

Offer Categorized Incentives

email list tips

Blogs usually host more than one category, such as SEO and Conversions. Although your overall content falls under the same marketing umbrella, a certain segment may be more interested in signing up for an ebook on conversion much more than SEO.

This is especially useful for broader websites that cover everything within a market, such as general blogging and general writing.

To make this method even more successful, provide an incentive related to a specific article or article series. Not only will you increase your email list from all angles, but you can eventually offer interchangeable offers later down the road.

Create and Provide a Free Tool

I know, this one sounds rather complicated and overwhelming…

The average blogger simply doesn’t have enough knowledge to create WordPress plugins and tools, and that is exactly why you should embrace this approach. Talk about standing out from the crowd!

If you’re serious about your brand and business, try your best to save a few hundred dollars to outsource a tool your readers might enjoy. This could be as easy as holding back on that Chinese food and pizza you love ordering on weekends.

Websites like Fiverr have made the creation of WordPress plugins incredibly affordable, too (I personally know some developers who create just about anything under $300).

Refer to the WordPress repository if you need some ideas on what your readers might like in exchange for their email address.

Ask for Favors – Especially from Your Subscribers

Many bloggers feel discouraged from blatantly asking their subscribers to share their content. They believe that offering social media buttons on every article is enough, forgetting that readers sometimes need to be reminded to do things (it’s human nature to forget).

Get in the habit of asking your existing subscribers to share or forward your emails to their friends; as loyal followers, you should expect a few people to happily comply. This will gradually increase your email list slowly, but surely.

Do you practice any creative ways to grow your email list? Can you share them with us in the comments section? Thanks!

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