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5 Must-Read Design Books for Bloggers

Bloggers are not designers and they don’t have to be. Their concern is to publish compelling content geared towards their target audience. Beautiful blog design is left for the professionals. It only seems logical.

However, as bloggers understand the importance of having a personalized design that best reflects their ideas and brand, it will only be natural for them to try their hands on changing their blog’s style and appearance.

By learning how to design their blog on their own, they can have full control of their blog from the publishing and designing side!

If you feel the need to take up the task of designing your blog, then featured below are design books for bloggers that you ought to read. 2015-07-09 19-13-23Blog Design Basics: Your Must-Know Visual and Branding Style Tips

by Ponn Sabra

As a  beginning blogger, all you’re probably interested in is publishing content. Assuming that you have little knowledge with design, this book will help you develop your design sense that will be important in making your blog stand out. The book, written by the co-founders of, focuses on your blog’s style and appearance, both of which are instrumental in increasing your blog’s performance and conversion rate.

Blog Design 2015-07-09 19-13-03

by Richard Rutter

This book discusses how to install the four different blogging platforms – MovableType, Textpattern, ExpressionEngine, and WordPress. The first few chapters discuss the basic principles of a blog before moving onto the more complex world of coding. Blog Design Solutions should be your book of choice if you want to take your intermediate coding and programming skills to the next level. 2015-07-09 19-14-23Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students

by Ellen Lupton

Typography is one of the most current design trends that help put emphasis on the content more than anything else. In this all-time best-selling book, you will learn how creative you can be as blogger when designing your blog using type as a visual element. While it doesn’t teach you how you can apply the type practices featured in your blog, it nonetheless helps you develop your awareness towards typography that constitutes as part of your overall design. This book about type is highly recommended for all publishers, from designer to bloggers to editors. 2015-07-09 19-13-42Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team

by Alina Wheeler

As a blogger, you want to build and develop an online brand identity that will help identify you from other bloggers within your niche. Designing Brand Identity does exactly this for you. The book uses the twelve traits of the best brand identify firms as points of discussion that break down the essentials of a successful brand identity. It doesn’t detail the actual design process in creating your own brand, but it does deliver the right information that you can use as a blogger looking for a distinct and recognizable brand.

100 Ideas that Changed Graphic 2015-07-09 19-14-04

by Steven Heller

This book is more of a curious read more than everything else, but there’s still good use for the information contained in its pages for an upstart blogger. 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design nails down the best graphic design ideas throughout history, from books and publications to even architectural realms. There’s a lot of info to digest here for bloggers searching for a specific look that they can copy and apply on their own online space. More importantly, the book shows how design at impacted how we consume information based on its layout and presentation.

Final thoughts: These design books for bloggers are great starting points on how you should approach web design not as an obstacle that you should get through in order to publish your content, but as an important aspect that you need to understand and master in order for your blog to fire on all cylinders.

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