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5 Time-Tested Ways to Get More People to Stay on Your Blog

Getting thousands of unique visitors daily is like a dream come true especially for new bloggers. Sure, they can be good news and a sign for your upcoming success, but if they only stay on your blog for a couple of seconds, you need to come up with a better plan. In an ideal world, your visitors will stay on your site for hours on end, but that is not always going to be the case. Dedicate your time into perfecting these ways below to get more people to stay for beyond just a few minutes on your blog.

1. Showcase Your Popular Posts

The front page of your blog is where you showcase the best of the best content you’ve ever produced. Remember that your blog’s homepage gets the most visitors, and it’s where you will impact how they will perceive your business.

In a matter of seconds, your visitors will decide whether or not to continue browsing your blog. That few seconds is the do or die when it comes to converting them to be one of your active audiences.

2. Choose a Functional Theme

Aside from the layout itself, one of the most important things to consider in choosing the right theme for your blog is its functionality. Consider what industry your blog is about. Are you a real estate business, a portfolio, or just a random personal blog? Keep in mind that your blog’s theme should resonate what industry you belong to.

Few years before, special functionalities can only be created by having your theme customized by a professional developer. Thanks to the growing market, lots of great themes have already become available. These themes do not only look good but are also superior when it comes to performance. Additionally, even without coding experience, most of these themes can easily be customized by a not-so-techie blogger.

3. Capture Emails

Email marketing’s success has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways of getting leads. As you continue building your list, your potential earnings increases as well.However, even if you are not selling anything, it’s still recommended that you collect their emails to you improve your potential in increasing repeat traffic.

People are willing to know more about your blog than you realize and if someone has given their email to you, it’s a dead giveaway that they are already interested in what you have to offer.

4. Create a Conversation

Often, people love to talk with the influencers they follow. Some of them may need help on a topic you are expert at, and this could be a chance for you to engage with them. To create a conversation, you can do these two things:

  • Answer comments individually
  • Ask questions that matter

In fostering a discussion on your blog, not only will you build a community of loyal readers but you can also add more depth to what your content is about. Sometimes, people also want to add their two cents to the topic you shared.

5. Maximize Related Posts

To get people to stay on your site, you want them to keep reading the content you’ve created. Install this plugin to decrease bounce rate. It shows posts that your readers may be interested at which will then increase your internal traffic and page views.


As stated, the number of visitors is not the only thing that matters in your blog – quality is. This said, to get a high-quality audience that converts into long time followers, you must follow the simple ways we’ve shared above.