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5 Tips to Think and Act Like a Pro Blogger

Thinking and acting like a pro blogger before you become a professional feels uncomfortable at first.

How can you feel like a pro if you haven’t made a cent through your blog?

Few bloggers feel detached enough to do as pros do during their newbie blogger days.

Most aspiring pro bloggers who eventually become professionals struggle enough to make dramatic changes to their blogging campaign.

You cannot become a professional unless you think and act like a one well before you see results suggesting that you are a pro blogger.

Creating helpful content, building meaningful connections with influential bloggers in your niche and having posture lay the framework for a professional blogging career.

how to think like a pro blogger

Follow these steps to think and act like a pro blogger to become an established, full-time blogger in your niche over the long haul.

1: Think Attract Not Chase

Struggling bloggers chase.

Pro bloggers attract.

Change your line of thinking if you want to become a skilled, seasoned professional blogger.

Set up your blogging campaign to allow in good matches.

Do not chase bad, poor or lukewarm matches.

Amateur hour bloggers mindlessly send cold emails to numbers on a screen masquerading as human beings, leading to days, months and years of struggle. If your blog has taken off even a bit you likely deal with a decent volume of emails sent from struggling bloggers who try to chase, convince and coerce you into working with them. These folks rarely if ever become pros because all the business they crave sprints from them, running away from desperate, needy bloggers.

Pro bloggers are The Hunted, not the Hunter.

Position yourself as an authority by improving your blogging skills through persistent practice.

Attract targeted business. Do not chase random people.

Stop pitching numbers. Begin rendering useful service. By creating and connecting persistently you can grow a thriving blogging business where customers and clients flow to you.

Yaro Starak is a fine example of a pro blogger who operates on an attraction, not chasing, model. Study his blog. Observe how he behaves. Feed off of his clarity and confidence.

2: Detach Largely from Outcomes

Pro bloggers detach largely from outcomes, focusing heavily on the process of building valuable online real estate.

Top bloggers often spend months creating helpful content and establishing meaningful connections with top bloggers before making their first penny online. These pros play the long game.

Do not worry about traffic or profit stats. Avoid obsessing over these numbers to figure out how you are doing.

Blog your passion. Make the work feel like the reward. See traffic, profits and all blogging outcomes as an added bonus of doing what you love to do.

The top bloggers on earth who love the ride take this attitude to do brilliant things in their blogging niches.

Practical Tips for Detaching

  • make your blogging work feel like a reward; see traffic and profits as extras, or bonuses
  • consider meditating daily to expand your awareness; observe your attachments to gradually dissolve your attachments

Letting go helps you grow like a pro.

3: Follow Professional Advice

Follow top blogging tips bloggers.

Take notes on their blog posts, courses and eBooks.

Ask top bloggers for help.

Hire pro bloggers to coach you.

Follow professional blogger advice. Do what works. Avoid wheel-spinning, failing strategies.

Successful bloggers follow successful advice persistently to jump over the pitfalls that stricken the struggling bloggers of the world. Listen to people who have been to the top of the blogging world. Doing so cuts your blogging learning curve by years.

Zac Johnson is one of the top blogging pros on earth. Study his blog to learn what it takes to build a successful blog.

4: Invest Money in Your Blog

From buying the best web hosting to purchasing a premium theme to dropping ducats on your blogging education you better invest ample money in your blog.

Professional bloggers spend months to educate themselves and to convey a professional image.

Never use the “I don’t have money” excuse that struggling or newbie bloggers commonly cling to. Pros spend money to make money.

See spending money as laying the foundation for a profitable blogging career. The money you spend now reaps increased returns over the long haul.

If you want to find solid web hosting for your blog enjoy this helpful review from WHSR.

5: Create and Connect

Follow two fundamental activities to act like a pro blogger.

Create helpful content and build connections with top bloggers in your niche.

Creating valuable content makes you valuable in the eyes of readers.

Connecting with influential bloggers in your niche expands your reach far and wide.

Creative bloggers rise above the field of competition. Be prolific to serve as many people as possible through your blog, guest posting opportunities, podcasts and live videos.

Establish connections by promoting top bloggers on social media, by commenting genuinely on their blogs and by mentioning them on your blog regularly. Befriending influential bloggers leads to prospering co-promotion and partnering ventures as well as guest posting opportunities.

After creating helpful content and building strong connections with successful bloggers for a sustained period of time you too will become a highly successful, respected, expert blogger in your niche.

Your Turn

How are you thinking and acting like a pro blogger?

What tips can you add to this list?

Are you having a difficult time making the transition from amateur to pro blogger?