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6 Effective Twitter Engagement Tips for Bloggers

Twitter engagement tips come in all shapes and sizes, partly because of their subjective nature in relation to your blogging goals. Nevertheless, there are various universal techniques which are used across every business, requiring only slight tweaks to maximize their effectiveness.

Let’s take a look at some ways to increase Twitter engagement, assuming that your followers are highly targeted and loyal to your overall services.

1. Tweet at the Right Time

Tweeting at random times is a gamble at best, as you’re merely throwing your content out there hoping that someone notices it. Moreover, while posting during the day generally increases engagement, let’s remember that this isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of situation.

Instead, use a tool like Tweriod, which tells you when your specific audience is most active by analyzing their past habits and interactions. This allows you to talk to them more directly, potentially generating far more results.

2. Use Personalized Images

It’s widely known by now that using images in your social media accounts increases engagement. To take this one step further, though, personalize your Twitter images with content that speaks to your audience more intimately.

Do you run a weight loss blog? Don’t just show a generic image of a lady eating an apple (seriously, it’s been done to death). Instead, use a before-and-after photo from someone (with prior consent) or personalize a generic photo with a memorable quote.

All in all, put some thought into the photos you share for increased results.

3. Keep the Message Succinct

While being descriptive is no doubt a great thing, focus on making every word count. Use verbs (or action words, or power words) to entice people and help your tweet stand out. There is no point in sharing a great article if you give your followers no exciting incentive to click.

4. Add a Call to Action

how to increase twitter engagement

Most of us don’t like to blatantly ask for things, perhaps in an effort to remain humble or not appear too desperate. But guess what? There is nothing wrong with nicely asking people to retweet your content if you truly believe it’s share-worthy.

Don’t make it a habit of always asking for this, but rather reach out to your audience sparingly. Furthermore, don’t forget to retweet their content as well, and do it much more often than the times you ask for reciprocation.

5. Use Good Copy

Most tweets are usually composed of a blog post title. While there’s nothing wrong with that (especially if the title is highly descriptive) sometimes you must use your best judgment and replace it with something better.

If your title doesn’t do your topic justice – such as “How to Start a Successful Blog” then why not replace the tweet with an interesting fact or statistic? Use something that piques your audience’s curiosity while still being true to the subject matter.

6. Share More than Once a Day

Don’t be afraid to tweet to your audience multiple times per day, so long as you are not overdoing it and look spammy.

After all, your tweets are not necessarily visible by all your followers, even if you choose the best times to share your content. Generally speaking, posting up to four times per day is ideal and does not go over the line, especially when you spread the content throughout the day.

Lastly, putting these Twitter engagement tips into practice requires consistency and a long-term approach. Get into the habit of sharing your most useful content regularly, even if you don’t publish new material on your blog as often.

What social media engagement techniques are you currently using? How is it all working out for you?

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