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6 Steps to Get Your Company to Pay You to Blog –

If you work, either full time or part time, for a company that might benefit from having a someone running a blog for them(and it would be extremely strange if that isn’t the case), you might be able to roll some blogging into your job, or maybe even make blogging for that company your ONLY job if that’s something you’d enjoy.
Alexandra Levit has a guest post up on about just that called, “6 Steps to Get Your Company to Pay You to Blog“.
Here’s a taste…

Develop your area of expertise:
It’s not realistic – or even a good idea – for every employed person in the world to have a blog. For one thing, the blogosphere is cluttered enough as it is, and blogs that have no real purpose for existence will just muck things up even more. You should write a blog because you have a unique opinion on an industry issue and can establish yourself as a credible expert. Hone your perspective by reading literature and other blogs in your field and determining where there’s an unmet need.

Of course, that’s just the first step, you’ll have to head over to the full article for the other 5, and they are worth the couple of minutes it’ll take you to read them if you’re at all interested in convincing your employer to let you (or even pay you) to blog about the company you’re working for.