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7 Common Blogging Fears (and How to Overcome Them)

Busting Common Blogging Fears and Misconceptions

Let’s discuss something that routinely plagues the blogging scene….

Many aspiring bloggers have this annoying, internal voice making us question everything we do. Typical questions may include: Is this post good enough? What if I don’t receive the attention I seek? Will I look foolish? Why am I even trying to compete in such a crowded space?

Luckily, most blogging-related failures can be attributed to our own insecurities, which means there is always a way to overcome such fears. Thus, today’s blog post covers many misconceptions that may be keeping you from becoming a successful blogger.

I Must Blog Regularly

Let me put this out there: Blogging frequency is entirely subjective. Unless you’re running a news website, you should never feel pressured to constantly churn out new content.

While you (generally) shouldn’t fall behind by more than a week, the notion of “having” to post daily (or even three times per week) is baseless.

This thought stems primarily from the need to deliver high-quality and impress your readers, which has unfortunately led to some irrational blogging myths.

Start slow and get a feel for your blogging ability. Get acquainted with the art and science of blogging, and gradually get into a predictable rhythm that works for you.

I Have Nothing to Blog About

Thankfully, there is always something new to talk about in the blogosphere, no matter what niche you choose.

I suggest you bookmark at least five blogs within your industry, and always read and learn new subjects to discuss with your audience. When blog #1 hasn’t published anything new, then blog #2 will surely have something to share with you.

This brings me to a similar problem bloggers often over-think…

Someone Already Beat me to it…

Here’s the hard truth about originality: There is simply no such thing.

Everything you could possibly think of has already been written and discussed somewhere else.

Let’s face it: The world works by rehashing ideas. Go perform a quick Google search on “internet marketing blogs.” Do you think all of them have never-before-seen topics not available on other venues?

Think again.

Everyone has published an article on increasing email subscribers, writing irresistible headlines, and blogging mistakes to avoid. The list goes on and on…

The one thing that makes us original, however, is our personal point of view on the subject matter. It’s the personality and perspective that makes your post stand out and gives it a unique edge that everyone can learn from.

While your posts should always have a unique angle (again, by inserting your personal perspective) you do not need to reinvent the wheel.

I Will Never Reach Mass Success

Aspiring to be like someone is great. Comparing yourself to someone can be disastrous.

Just like every prominent blogger, you, too, have to start somewhere. Your first blog post will put your name out there. Your first promotion will lead to someone knowing your name and brand.

Now replicate the above all year long.

The only one stopping you from becoming successful is none other than yourself. Even if you don’t reach critical success and make five figures each month, remember that success is subjective. What does this personally mean to you?

My Market is Saturated

Market saturation is (by far) one of the most common blogging fears among new and even some veteran bloggers.

Let me tell you a very short story….

I have a passion for gaming. At one point I briefly started a gaming blog and quickly managed to bring in hundreds of visitors in a matter of days.

Although I have since abandoned the blog due to more pressing matters and bigger passions, it goes to show that saturation really is nothing to fear. We all know how overcrowded the gaming space is, don’t we?

In fact, many argue that there is no such thing. If anything, an over-populated market or niche only means there is money to be made.

It is your job to promote your blog the same way you would do it in a non-competitive market.

I Have No Time to Blog


In reality, most people don’t have the time for many important things in life.

Let’s look at popular bloggers like Pat Flynn. Even with a family, raising a child and having tons of business to tend to, this guy somehow finds the time to deliver quality content like a good soldier.

How? It’s simple: Passionate people don’t wait for time to land on their lap; they make the time at all cost.

Chances are you know of a busy co-worker who gets up at 5am to exercise and then leaves for work. Instead of using long work hours as an excuse, he makes sure to go to bed a bit earlier and gets up for a workout before starting his day.

I Need to Polish My Ideas First

While there are certain things your blog should have on day 1, chances are it will always, always need some work.

Go ahead and buy a premium theme and put up a basic presentation to the public. Then work on setting up a subscription box gradually throughout the week.

Don’t get caught up trying to fix or add every little detail to the point it takes you months on end to launch your blog.

Start blogging right now and keep customizing it down the road. Time is money.

Your Turn

Established bloggers: Are you familiar with these common blogging fears? Chances are you have asked yourself similar questions at one point in your blogging journey.

What common blogging fears can you share? In fact, what are some of the things that held you back at one point? Please leave your comments below.

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