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7 Essential Project Management Plugins for WordPress

Best Collaboration Tools for Bloggers

The average blogger can typically handle his website without the need for project management plugins for WordPress. When your blog really starts to grow, however, the following collaboration and organizational tools can make your job a lot easier to manage. These are especially useful if mass content production is your number one priority, or if you regularly allow multiple contributors into your WordPress blog.

SP Project and Document Manager

This is an organizational tool that helps you manage documents, multiple file types, videos, and images.

Clients can add/modify projects securely, upload files directly from their computer, customize forms, insert different language translations and more. While this plugin may not be for your everyday WordPress user, it is certainly ideal for multi-authored blogs or websites that store multiple client information or temporary work files.

Edit Flow

This plugin was designed with WordPress authors in mind, allowing for more flexible collaboration between you, editors, and contributors. Some of the features include:

A calendar to see and manage your content, the ability to log different stages of your workflow, seamless (and threaded) discussions between contributors, notifications about content changes, the ability to set a budget for your content, and categorizing users by groups.

Although Edit Flow has not been updated in a little while (as of this writing) it is still very functional and one of the best project management plugins for WordPress to date.

Posts To Do List

Have you ever wanted to pay multiple contributors for various articles and tasks? Posts To-do List works similarly to TextBroker in the sense that people can “grab” from a pool of assignments available within the “New Post” screen.

Insert a task title, keywords, general instructions, the ability for specific user roles to view the content, plus much more.

I regularly depend on this WordPress project management plugin on websites where multiple authors are allowed. If you are thinking of paying multiple authors for content, this is one of your best options.

WP Project Manager

best plugiins for authors

WP Project Manager is the answer to bloggers who run a large website and is managed by multiple people. Here are some key features:

Create a new project for everyone to view and work on
Assign the project to specific users
Communicate with others by messaging right from your website
Add file attachments
Manage to-do lists
See project status through a “progress bar”
Create milestones

This is a very robust project management plugin for WordPress overall, and it can help you streamline your needs if you own a high-maintenance website.


Create various blog-related projects and subsequently assign them to others. Similarly to other plugins on this list, you can add attachments, engage in group discussions, assign deadlines, priority levels, and see your project’s status.

One neat feature is the ability to show all projects on the front-end via the use of [shortcodes], as well as making each task public or private.

Post Status Notifier

This is rather a premium project management plugin, but it definitely has its uses. As the name suggests, it sends out email notifications to both the admin and your contributors when new post changes take place (when an article is submitted for review, published, saved as draft, and more).

It also works with other tools such as WP Job Manager, Gravity Forms and Buffer, making it far more useful as users are not limited to being notified of standard blog posts.

Good Writer Checkify

Last on our list of project management plugins for WordPress is a virtual checklist that is added to the WordPress posts screen. Configure a set of questions (that can be checked off) such as “Did you add a featured image? Did you add the keyword three times? Did you proofread your article?” and more.

This is highly convenient if you allow guest posts or work with multiple regular authors on your blog.

Your Turn

What other project management plugins for WordPress can you recommend? Please leave your comments below.

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