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9 Proven Headline Formulas That Sell Like Crazy –

If you’ve got a blog, you’ve no doubt had to come up with countless headlines for your posts. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it seems downright impossible to decide on one.
Everyone deals with it, but there isn’t really that much being written about how to write great headlines. Thankfully, Dean Rieck, over on, has written a post about just that, called “9 Proven Headline Formulas That Sell Like Crazy“.
He outlines 9 formulas to follow when writing headlines, and gives some examples to get the juices flowing.
Here’s a sample from the second formula in the list…

One of the first techniques you should always explore is transforming your major benefit into a headline. After all, your number one selling point should be up front. It stands the best chance of selecting the right audience and preparing them to respond. Plus, if they read nothing else, they have at least seen the best selling point you have to offer. If you have trouble writing this kind of headline, it’s a sure sign you need to think a bit more about your product or service.

If you, like me and so many many others, have trouble coming up with the best headlines from time to time, or just want some tips on how to give your headlines a little extra something, check out the full list on