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A Guide to Weblog Commenting

Browsing around the web, I noticed a post from Justin Shattuck on blog commenting. He sets up some simple rules and reccomendations that more people should follow when leaving comments.

  • Keep the topic
  • Repetitive, Rhetorical and Relentless
  • There is no comment quota
  • Make your message clear
  • Own your words
  • Nobody likes a know-it-all
  • Comments are not emails
  • Cite your sources
  • Some common-sense

Some great tips, with full details on each, check out Justin’s blog at
One thing I would like to add though is a plea for people to actually comment if they have found a post useful, interesting or the opposite. It is nice to get comments and/or criticism. Keeps us on our toes, and let’s us know where you, the readers would like the site to go.