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Aaron Brazell Reviews Feedburner

Aaron Brazell is the Technology Manager for b5media. He gets to deal with all the technology that runs the blogging network, and has put up a post on his personal blog, Technosailor, about his experiences with Feedburner, an RSS tool that b5media recently switched their feeds to as it allows tracking and statistics.

one of our biggest fears in moving to Feedburner was that we would be locked into feedburner branded feeds. Feedburner branded feeds aren’t so bad except for two things. One, we lose our ability to brand the URLs. Two, if we ever went to a competitor, we couldn’t take our feeds (and thus our subscribers) with us. Fortunately, we worked it out that our standard WordPress feeds (click on the Subscribe Link above) redirect to Feedburner feeds. Excellent. Should we ever decide to go to Joe’s Feed Kitchen instead, we can redirect over to Joey and not lose our subscriber base.

For the most part their experiences have been good, though Aaron spends most of the article talking about the negative points in using Feedburner for a blogging network like b5media. In the end though, sometimes criticism can be better than keeping your mouth shut and giving a thumbs up.
Considering Aaron says that Rick Klau, Vice President of Publisher Services at FeedBurner, said that it was okay for Mr. Brazell to post the article, I am assuming they know of the problems b5media has been experiencing and no doubt are trying to work on a way to fix the hiccups and make everything “golden”.